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Did you know that eating well and drinking lots of water is one of the best ways to care for your hair? The beauty of your hair is linked to the health of your body!


Did you know that essential oils have lots of benefits for your hair?

Clary sage essential oil promotes hair growth, ylang-ylang essential oil helps to repair hair damaged by colour treatments, juniper essential oil combats dandruff, etc.


Did you know that getting your hair cut is good for it?

A quick trim will get rid of dry and split ends, so your hair looks better and feels lighter.


What's the difference between a conditioner and a mask?

A conditioner doesn't always need to be left on the hair, and has a smoothing and detangling effect. A mask, on the other hand, must be left on the hair as it contains richer ingredients for a deep conditioning treatment.

Our solid conditioner

Tips & advice

Our conditioner doesn't need to be left on! After washing and rinsing your hair, work the conditioner through lengths and ends, and massage it into your hair. Then all you have to do is rinse it off!


After washing your hair, we always recommend applying conditioner – especially if your hair is dry or brittle. And what better than a detangling conditioner that’s solid, certified organic, and delivers the same results as a regular conditioner? This conditioner leaves your hair soft, nourished and detangled, so it’s more resilient, while the tiaré flower scent transports you to exotic lands!

Made with 100% naturally derived ingredients and organic shea butter, this conditioner deeply nourishes and detangles your hair, and gives you another good reason to keep plastic bottles out of the bathroom!

Avoid contact with the eyes. Do not ingest. Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Keep out of the reach of children. Does not contain essential oils. Can be used by anyone from age 12 upwards.

Our solid hair mask

Tips & advice

This mask deeply nourishes the hair and must be left on. After shampooing, apply the mask to damp hair, working it through lengths and/or ends, and paying particular attention to damaged hair. Massage it into your hair, leave on for 5 minutes, then rinse off!

Solid hair mask

Our hair mask is made with the following ingredients: organic sunflower oil, organic carnauba wax, organic shea butter, organic argan oil, organic jojoba oil, fragrance, a natural antioxidant, and a pigment to give it its beautiful, lagoon blue colour!

Our solid mask works to nourish and restructure the hair, and can be used on all hair types. It protects hair against environmental aggressors, strengthens ends, conditions dry hair, and leaves your locks soft and shiny, without weighing it down.

You only need a small amount for big results!

Holder for solid products

If you want your solid cosmetics to last for as long as possible, make sure you keep them on a soap holder between uses. Our holder for solid products is made in France from biosourced materials and available in blue or white!

We've designed it to evoke the shape of waves, so that when you take your shower, you'll remember that you're helping to protect the oceans by using solid products!