Body soaps

Cold-processed body soap

Tips & advice

Wet the soap with water, then rub it to work up a lather. This soap is very gentle and recommended for use on the entire body.


Did you know that solid soap is more hygienic than liquid soap?

In its solid form, soap doesn't contain any water – and bacteria need water to grow. Make sure you keep your soap dry between uses by placing it on a self-draining soap holder.


Did you know that you can use dry, leftover soap slivers to perfume your drawers and linen cupboards?

Cold-processed body soap

Cold processing is a traditional, centuries-old soapmaking method that involves a chemical reaction between botanical oils and a lye base. Soaps that are made using this method are gentle and hydrating, and can be used on all skin types, even sensitive.

By using the cold-processing method, we need very little energy to create our soaps, which are extra rich and good for the skin.

We created a blend of botanical oils, using organic sunflower oil for its softening properties, organic coconut oil for its repairing benefits, and soothing organic rapeseed oil. Then we combined this blend with organic shea butter, which nourishes and soothes, and added some gorgeous scents: almond, lavender, vanilla and mint. The result is a range of soaps that will make you love taking a shower!

Holder for solid products

If you want your solid cosmetics to last for as long as possible, make sure you keep them on a soap holder between uses. Our holder for solid products is made in France from biosourced materials and available in blue or white!

We've designed it to evoke the shape of waves, so that when you take your shower, you'll remember that you're helping to protect the oceans by using solid products!